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A couple weeks ago we attended the Round Top Antiques show to source for clients, get inspiration, and meet so many amazing artists/vendors. We spent a full two days hunting for furniture, small goods, art, etc!


Round Top is the interior designer's heaven for antiques and one-of-a-kind items, which we incorporate into every project. The show is held twice a year and has multiple venue locations throughout the town, many more then we expected! This was our first time attending, so was also a bit of exploratory trip.

Our favorite venues we're Market Hill, The Compound, Bader Ranch, Box Road, and Excess I and II. Each one has many vendors within at many different price points. We also attended Marburger, which is it's own five day show, and highly recommenced it!


The one mistake we made was not setting up shipping before arriving. There are multiple shipping companies available there, but I recommend having it set up weeks before. We ended up using Livraison and highly recommend them! They made the process so easy and gave us such piece of mind. It can take quite a bit of time to receive your items, but well worth the wait!


We purchased for four clients - both large and small items! There was an abundance of European antiques. We wanted to bring them all home! We left with a few tables, chairs, and many decor/small pieces. However, the artists and vendors we met are ones we plan on continuing to work with and that was the biggest takeaway.


Another surprise was the level of fashion at the show! Almost everyone was dressed in dresses, boots, and hats! We opted for tennis shoes because we were walking sun up to sun down.


There are multiple hotels in Round Top, but they book way in advance. We ended up staying in the cutest farmhouse Air BnB in a small town about 30 minutes outside round top. It was such a beautiful drive, we didn't mind the trip to and from each day!

Everywhere we ate was amazing! From food trucks, Lulu's, The Garden Company...they all had amazing food.

My absolute favorite was Prost. It's the most charming wine bar with outdoor seating and pizza. So beautiful at night!

Thanks for following along and all your questions! We love to share behind the scenes of how we prioritize unique, sustainable piece's and the level we go to for our clients! If you would like to connect with our studio for your design project, we would love to hear from you. You can connect directly by filling out our contact form.



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