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The Monthly Edit X

From new projects, being in the middle of some really exciting designs, and holidays, it's been a very busy season! I can't wait to catch up in the new year and show you a look into what we have been working on! Until then here are some sneak peaks....

Old Town Gem Project (phase I) is happening this week! We are currently in the middle of design for the main house, but will be installing the Guest House for our clients to live in while the main house is under construction. You'll be seeing more in the next couple days as we wrap it up right in time for Christmas!

Here is a peak into some upcoming projects we have just started design on....already so many beautiful existing details!

Christmas Picks:

I've been getting a lot of questions on my girl's outfits this year! I'm sharing some of their outfits and favorite kid's gifts below.

Here are a few other favorite gift ideas for the rest of the family and friends!

Home & Kitchen:

Beauty & Fashion:


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