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The September Edit

September...WOW. It's bitter sweet getting ready to say goodbye to summer, but I am so ready for fall.

We have SO many exciting projects wrapping up design, so you'll be seeing much more construction content in the upcoming weeks.

If you missed it, we just revealed our San Gabriel project. This moody European inspired primary bathroom was such a transformation! You can view the full project here.

We wrapped up quite a few presentations in the last four weeks and our Euro Cottage Project was one of them! Here's a sneak peek at the Initial Design...

We also finished up a virtual design this month that I am loving! For clients who may be wanting to save on design fees, or simply feel like they can handle the implementation of the design themselves, we offer Virtual Design. You can learn about our services by filling out an inquiry form.

Monthly Picks:

Here are a few items I have my eye on this month...if you can't tell brown is the color this season!


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